Wedding Day Tip No. 2

Wedding day tip – Floral Delivery

As you are coordinating the delivery times of your flowers, take the time to make sure that the personal flowers will be delivered not just to the venue, but where you will be taking before ceremony portraits.  Often times we will meet the bride, groom, and wedding party at a separate location for getting ready photos, first look, and portraits.   You’ll want to make sure to have your bouquets and boutonnieres delivered to this location so they can be included.   After all of the planning and picking out the perfect blooms, you don’t want to miss out on this important detail!



Wedding Day Tip No. 1

Wedding Day Tip No. 1 – Hair and Makeup on the Wedding Day

As you prepare for your wedding day, here are a few tips to consider when planning your hair and makeup:

  1.  When scheduling your hair and makeup appointments, give yourself a little wiggle room.  Adding 30 extra minutes into the schedule can alleviate stress if things run a little late, which happens more often than not.  I’ve seen brides get more and more anxious as the clock ticks down.  Do yourself a favor and add the extra time.  You’ll be amazed how fast the time goes on your wedding day!
  2.  If your bridesmaids are also having hair and makeup done, don’t have the stylist work on you last.   You don’t want to feel rushed, and if things do run late, we can start bridal portraits while your bridesmaids finish getting ready.
  3. If possible, have the hair and makeup artists come to you.  This takes out any extra travel time and makes things easier on everyone!



Lifestyle Newborn Session

We are so excited to now offer lifestyle newborn sessions for our clients!  What exactly is a “lifestyle” session?  A lifestyle photo shoot is a more relaxed, natural way to approach a newborn photo session.  Along with portraits of your little bundle and new family, we capture moments and details that tell the story of bringing home your little one.  This approach is much more laid back than a traditional studio style portrait session, which can be a bit overwhelming during those first few weeks.  Done in the comfort of your home, a lifestyle session is the perfect way to capture such a precious time with your new little family.

We also offer maternity sessions.  If you book both a maternity and newborn session, you receive $100 off each!  Email me today for more information or to book your session!