Why You Should Consider a Bridal Session Before Your Wedding Day

Are you thinking about doing a bridal session before your wedding day, but not sure if it’s worth it?  Well let me tell you, it is!!  While we will get portraits of you on the wedding day, there are so many benefits to having a trial run in the form of a bridal session.  I always urge my brides to consider it and they are always so glad they did!  Here’s just a few of the reasons why you should, too!

A bridal session is the perfect opportunity to do your hair and makeup trial.  You’ve been dreaming of your wedding day look for months (or years!) so shouldn’t you see it all put together before the big day when you still have time to make any changes?  Maybe you’ll feel like you just don’t love your hair style or you’d rather have darker makeup to stand out better in your photos.  It would be too late to change your mind on the actual day!

At a bridal session, we are much less rushed than on the wedding day.  We are able to really take our time, try different things, and you’ll be much more relaxed without worrying about the timeline.  It also gives us a chance to really use your venue to the fullest and use areas that might not be available on the wedding day due to lighting or other events.

A bridal session is a great opportunity to try a different look!  Can’t decide if you’d like to wear your hair up or down?  Try it one way at your bridal session, and then the other on your wedding day.  Lauren chose loose waves for her bridal session, with an elegant updo on the wedding day.  So fun!

Having a winter wedding?  Doing a bridal session a couple of months before your wedding day gives you an opportunity to get portraits in a different season.  You could get the pretty outdoor portraits you love that may not be possible on your actual wedding day.

Wearing your dress for a couple of hours during your bridal session gives you the chance to make sure it’s actually comfortable and that you can move in it easily.  Lauren’s dress had beautiful beaded straps, but after her bridal session she realized that they were cutting into her shoulders and making it difficult and painful to move her arms.  Who wants to deal with that on the wedding day?  Thankfully, she had enough time to have her dress altered, had the straps removed, and felt much more comfortable on her wedding day!

So if you are unsure about doing a bridal session, go for it!  Bring your mom and MOH along, make a girls day of it, and have fun!



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